Jay Cutler on Michael Bush

“If I’m being honest, when they kept saying ‘Bush’, I thought I was handing it to Reggie. But this Michael guy’s pretty good too.”


Jay Cutler on Brandon Marshall

“Who? Oh yeah, him. Fuck that guy.”

Jay Cutler on the 2nd Half

“Not gonna lie, the 5 Bud Light Limes I had in the locker room really lifted my spirits. Oh, I don’t drink Natty anymore. I’m a dad now. I have to be more responsible.”

Jay Cutler on the Potential Interception

“Fuck it, let them have it. I need a beer so Goddamned bad.”

Jay Cutler on Tonight’s Gam Contd.

“Calling this game a ‘defensive battle’ is a nice way of saying that Aaron Rodgers is an overrated ponce and isn’t doing shit tonight.”

Jay Cutler on Tonight’s Game vs Green Bay

“I guess it’s time to dust this blog thing off again. Just like I do every year with Aaron Rodgers’ mom’s vagina.”

Jay Cutler on the Jason Campbell acquisition

“I mean, he’s better than the carney folk we had filling in for me last season. I think.”