Jay Cutler on His New NFL Women’s Apparel Commercial

“OK, Bears Fans. Guess the over-under on how many of those chicks I chose for that commercial. I’ll give you a hint: they all blew me.”


Jay Cutler on Kristin Cavallari’s Pregnancy

“Yes, I gave Kristin the worst STD a person can get. It’s called a fucking baby.”

Jay Cutler on getting engaged (again)

“On the one hand, people are saying I should have waited until Christmas so I didn’t have to buy her anything else. On the other hand, those people are fucking morons. Of course I took the ring back when I dumped her the first time. It’s called re-gifting.”

Jat Cutler on the Kardashians

“I’d fuck Kim if I was drunk, I’d fuck Kourtney and maybe take her to breakfast the next morning, and I’d recommend the fat one for our practice squad.”

Jay on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

“Where am I sitting? The fucking dressing room, brotimes.”

Jay Cutler on getting back together with Kristin Cavallari

“First rule of my relationship with Kristin is that you don’t talk about Kristin

Second rule of my relationship with Kristin is that she only likes anal.”

Jay Cutler on Playing in the U.K.

“Dude, British chicks are fucking pale. Like, really pale. It’s gross.”