Jay Cutler on The Rams

“I’d like to thank Michael Bush, Major Wright, Robbie Gould, and not Brandon Marshall for helping me win the game Sunday. Oh, and the defense, I guess. But mostly Sam Bradford and his O-Line. Once pressured you can always count on an Indian to self-destruct. 2 INT? 6 sacks? What were those throws? A creation myth? (What Up Vandy Comp Lit Dept?) AFTER EATING THE RAM THE BEAR WAS STILL HUNGRY. LITTLE SAM WAS SCARED FOR HIS FRIEND THE PIG SO HE THREW PIG INTO THE SKY. BUT THE BEAR WAS TOO BIG. THIS IS WHY WE HAVE INTERCEPTIONS.

I gotta stop doing coke in the afternoon. I need something more constructive to do while skipping team meetings. God, why is my DVR filled up with Laguna Beach Seasons 1-2? What the fuck is Laguna Beach?”


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