New Ask Jay

From Ivan:

Respect to you, I wanted to know..How do you stand the heat on the summer.I assume that summers get pretty hot where you how do you stand it, what you do? I know that people with a lot of muscle mass retain heat for longer periods and are more warm than people without it..(and i assume you have a air conditioner, but still, outside is like in hell!)The question is what you do to reduce heat? Thanks in advance!

Jay Responds:

“You have got to be shitting me. You have got to be fucking. Shitting. Me. I have the strongest arm in the NFL, and Ivan wants to ask me about the fucking weather? Are you from Russia Ivan? Do they not have warm weather there? I don’t email people in bumfuck Russia to ask how they keep from killing themselves during the eternal winters, so what the fuck is so fascinating about warm weather?

Also, great assumption about my muscle mass. What tipped you off? Have you ever seen me not wearing a shirt (don’t answer that)? And yes Ivan, I have “a” fucking air conditioner. I’d explain, but you’d have to have electricity to understand it.”


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