Jay Cutler on getting engaged (again)

“On the one hand, people are saying I should have waited until Christmas so I didn’t have to buy her anything else. On the other hand, those people are fucking morons. Of course I took the ring back when I dumped her the first time. It’s called re-gifting.”


Jat Cutler on the Kardashians

“I’d fuck Kim if I was drunk, I’d fuck Kourtney and maybe take her to breakfast the next morning, and I’d recommend the fat one for our practice squad.”

New poll #VSFashionShow

Jay Cutler on his broken thumb

“I broke it off in Philip Rivers’ ass. Whatever, a bet’s a bet.”

Jay Cutler on Google+

We setup a page, but honestly only to tie in with the “+1” button on the site. We’ll use it once wordpress lets us publish directly to it. Until then, +1 us.

“Hate to break it to you fags, but Google+ is just Facebook with cock rings.”

Jay on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

“Where am I sitting? The fucking dressing room, brotimes.”

New “Ask Jay” posts coming soon

” ‘Dear Jay, what’s the circumference of your nutsack? Can it fit in Caleb Hanie’s mouth?’ I know it’s going to be something gay like that, I can just tell. And the answer is ‘yes’, if I grease it up first.”